Getting Started with Neo4j and Gephi Tool

Neo4j Tool

Neo4j Bloom is a data exploration tool that visualizes data in the graph and allows users to navigate and query the data without any query language or programming.

Users can write patterns similar to natural language questions to retrieve data and traverse layers of the graph. Bloom also allows appropriate users to edit, update, or correct the graph when missing information or bad data is found.

Neo4j is a graph database management system. In Neo4j, everything is stored in the form of an edge, node, or attribute. Each node and edge can have any number of attributes. Both nodes and edges can be labelled. Labels can be used to narrow searches.

Creating a new project Movies.


MATCH (m:Movie) where m.released > 2005 RETURN m
MATCH (p:Person)-[d:DIRECTED]-(m:Movie) where m.released > 2010 RETURN p,d,m
MATCH (m:Movie) RETURN m.title, m.released
Match (p:Person {name: 'Tom Hanks'}) RETURN p
MATCH (p:Person)-[r:ACTED_IN]->(m:movies) RETURN p,r,m
MATCH (tom:Person {name: "Tom Hanks"})-[:ACTED_IN]->(:Movie)<- [:ACTED_IN]-(p:Person) return
MATCH ( p: Person )- [ relatedTo]-( m :Movie (title: "Cloud Atlas")) return, type( relatedTo)

Gephi Tool

Gephi is an open-source network analysis and visualization software package. It is mainly used for visualizing, manipulating, and exploring networks and graphs from raw edge and node graph data. It is an excellent tool for data analysts and data science enthusiasts to explore and understand graphs.

karate.gml dataset
Nodes and Edges are displayed when initially data is loaded.
Chosing the Force Atlas layout.

Differentiate the nodes based on various ranking like there In-Degree, Out-Degree or Degree and show them in different color:

Representation based on Color Gradient.
Displaying the nodes in various sizes.
Average Degree value for all the nodes.
Fruchterman Reingold Layout
Yifan Hu Layout
Shortest path between tow nodes.




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