Introduction to PowerBI and Get started with PowerBI, Prepare data for analysis and Model data in Power BI.

What is Power BI?

Power BI is a software to create & publish reports and data stories from your data-sets. You can make highly interactive, engaging and powerful reports, dashboards or visuals with Power BI. You can connect to any data (Excel files, SQL databases, BI warehouses, Cloud data, APIs, web pages and more), mashup the data, link one table with others, create clickable visualizations and then share them with your audience securely thru Power BI.

Get Started with Power BI

  1. Ribbon — Displays common tasks that are associated with reports and visualizations.
  2. Fields Pane — Displays the tables, folders, and fields in your data that are available for you to use to create visualizations.
  3. Visualizations Pane — Where you can change visualizations, customize colors or axes, apply filters, drag fields, and more.
  4. Filter Pane — Where you can apply filters
  5. Report View or Canvas — Where visualizations are created and arranged.
  6. Report, Data, and Model views- You can switch between Report, Data, and Model views by selecting the icons in the left column.
  7. Pages tab — Located along the bottom of the page, this area is where you would select or add a report page.

Preparing data in Excel Sales.xlsx

Model data in Power BI

Step 1: Load Sales.xlsx file.

Step 2: Select All fields and load data in Power Bi.

Step 3: Viewing Data.

Product Table
Return Reason Table
Return Fact Table
Sales Fact Table
Store Table
Time Table

Step 4: Transforming Data in Return_Reason Table.

Step 5: Applying changes in Data.

Step 6: Managing Relationships between Tables.

Auto Detect Relationships

Step 7: Generating the Model.




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